Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Scrapping Outback April Challenge

Scrapping Outback - April Challenge

Introducing the beautiful Gold Coast!!!
The sunrises and sunsets looking from Burleigh 
up the coast to Surfers Paradise are always gorgeous 
and this photo shows you just what I mean.
This months colour combo was just perfect for this photo. 
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Tanya x

Monday, 25 April 2016

Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia - April Challenge

Hi everyone
I must say I loved doing this challenge, 
such a lovely yet simple fun sketch.
Love these photos of my son while still sitting in 
the orthodontists chair after just getting his braces 
removed. So nice to see the braces off, they seemed to 
be on his teeth forever. The wait was definitely worth 
seeing the end result of beautiful straight teeth!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Tanya x

Sketchy Boards April Challenge

Sketchy Boards April Challenge

A nice sketch created for this 
month's challenge. 
The colours in my photo didn't photograph 
as well as I would have liked them too.. might 
need to do a photography course.
Cheers Tanya x

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Scrap the Girls - April Challenge

Scrap the Girls - April Challenge

Gorgeous colours this month for the Scrap the 
Girls Challenge. 

I've only added a small amount of pink to my layout 
as Leah is not really a pink kind of girl. 
Probably my fault for that, hardly ever dressed her 
in pink when she was little and she was never ever 
a little girlie kind of girl. Dolls and dress ups 
were not her thing.

Have a nice day, I'm certainly enjoying the cooler 
weather and this rain. Tanya x

Thursday, 7 April 2016

1,2,3 Challenge - April Challenge

1,2,3 Challenge - April Challenge

Here is my layout for this months challenge.
I love doing layouts like this, its a nice change 
from multi coloured layouts that we always seem to do.

White with 1 April Challenge

White with 1 - April Challenge

I really do like these layouts with just one 
or two colours. And its not very often that I use 
red, I love the colour but somehow never choose 
it as a colour for my scrapbooking layouts. 
And I never ever just scrapbook me, in all the 
years I have scrapbooked I have only ever done a 
couple of layouts of just me. So I hope you 
feel privileged - hahaha 
Have a great night - Tanya x

Kraft + April Challenge

Kraft + April Challenge

For this months black and white colour board I 
really should have scrapbooked a photo of my daughter 
Leah as they are the only colours that girl ever wears!! 

Instead I used this photo of my cousin Pauline 
and I at the races for my layout. 
Pauline and I haven't seen each other for over 
30 years. She messaged me on Facebook when she 
found out that my horse was racing in Melbourne and 
that she was going to be there. 
It was so so nice to see her after all those years. 
Hopefully it won't be so long between drinks next time.
Cheers Tanya