Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Isn't my girl just gorgeous

I've been busy sorting through photos on my computer. 
I quickly realised that I am about 3 years behind in 
scrapbooking Leah's photos. I have scrapped lots of her 
photos but its not up to date like I'd like it to be. 

So guess what is a priority at the moment? 
Yep...I have printed all the photos I want to scrap, 
I have them in order of how they need to go in her albums 
and now I am busy scrapping photos of my gorgeous girl 
who isn't so little anymore, she only has now more 
week of high school left. 
Wish I could press the rewind button and slow things down.

Must say I'm a little torn. I just don't want her to 
finish school and grow up but then part of me is 
excited for her and for what the future holds. 
On a positive, think of all the photos I can 
scrapbook of her and her new adventures. 
Wishing you the world of happiness my gorgeous girl xxx  

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