Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Paper Rose Flower three cards

Hi there

It's been a busy few weeks is our household with a few 
more crazy weeks to come....don't worry, I'll always find 
time to create and share no matter how busy we get.

I have used quite a few Paper Rose dies and stamps on these layouts.

The dies that I have used are -

The Paper Rose stamps I have used on these cards are from the 

I have also used a Paper Rose stencil on the card below. It is 

To make the flowers so that they aren't flat and so they have 
more dimension when on the cards I have sprayed each of them with water and scrunched them up in my hand. 
I then unfold them and leave to dry. You can also use a 
heat gun to dry them quickly. The paper goes hard when dry and 
the flowers keep this scrunched up look.

Cut out all three different sizes, scrunch up and then when 
dry apply a small amount of glue in the centre of the two 
bigger ones and place on top of each other with the smallest 
flower on the top. 

Thanks for stopping by....
Hopefully you get to play with these dies and make some flowers 
of your very own.

Cheers Tanya x

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